Presentations, Webinars, Documentation, etc.

We often host presentations during our member meetings. When we do we send the presentation out as a webinar for the entire Passive House Alliance U.S. membership.  Here are some of our favorites as well as some member presentations made in other venues.

CarstenPic KenLevensonPic CWPic  SandraMeidlingerPic

Carsten Steenberg on:
The eMonitor System

Delivered to
PHIUS, 8/12

Ken Levinson on:
High Performance Envelopes

Delivered to the
N. Am. PH Conf., 6/12

Chris West on:
70's Era Raised Ranch
Deep Energy Retrofit

Delivered to

Sandra Meidlinger on:
PHI & PHIUS Certification

Delivered to

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CM-photo-2014-08-29 indigoruthdavis-photo CM-photo-2014-08-29 CM-photo-2014-08-29

Chris Miksic on:
PH Assembly

Delivered to
BBD'14, 2/14

Indigo Ruth-Davis on:
The CPHC Toolkit

Delivered to
BBD'14, 2/14

Chris Miksic on:
Air Sealing & Testing

Delivered to
PH Symposium, 10/14

Chris Miksic on:
Net Zero-Ready PH

Delivered to
Renewable Energy Vt, 10/14

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 1. Mr. Ruth-Davis gave similar versions of this presentation at Efficiency VT's BBD'14 conference, & at the PHAUSVT PH Symposium '14.