PHAUS VT General Meeting

August 20, 2015, 5 – 6:30 am @ VEIC


Attending: Karen Bushey, Rob Conboy, Barb and Greg Whitchurch, Chris Miksic, Paul Sipple, Chris West, Ravi Parikh, Jean Terwilliger and Alex Carver.

  1. Introductions and greeting (5:00 – 5:10)

  2. Events (5:10 – 5:25)

    1. Past - Public Service Board's 2015 Comprehensive Energy Plan stakeholders meetings, 6/24 and 6/30 in Montpelier

      1. Paul was at the Energy Plan Stakeholders on 6/24

        1. Spoke about it at the last meeting

    2. Future - Northern VT Building Group Meeting, 8/20, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Dore & Whittier Architects, 212 Battery Street

      1. Not really the PHAUS Vt role

        1. Let that group do it all itself

        2. Future locations – Montpelier, Waitsfield?

          1. NVTBSG working on this

    3. Future - Passive House Institute US National Conference in Chicago, 9/11-12

      1. What is the question?

        1. Are there certain ppl to talk with NAPHN and PHAUS

        2. Talk with Prudence

          1. Chris M and Indigo spoke with her about data from Whitchurch

      2. How to support our chapter?

    4. Future - Screening of a Passive House movie in Burlington at Library or Arts Riot

      1. Date and title tbd

        1. Arts Riot!

        2. Burlington Library

          1. Ravi and Karen are going to decide which movie to use

          2. Sponsorship at table

            1. Better

            2. PHAUS Vt

        3. Chris M – Poss in Montpelier

    5. REV Conference in October

      1. David Pill and Karen will be speaking there

        1. In So Burlington at the Sheraton

        2. Last year Chris M was there and gave a presentation

        3. We could speak with them about a Swap as we have done in past years

    6. NAPH Conference in October

      1. On the West Coast

        1. Will anyone be interested in going?

          1. Ravi and Rob are going lots of policy tracks

    7. Other events coming up?

      1. November Burlington Electric and Better will do the PH Academy doing PH Course (Two weeks in November and Test in December)

        1. Targeting the Engineering Side of it

          1. Get engineers into the course

        2. During the week

        3. BELectric is looking into subsidies for the course

          1. BEV looking at rallying the

          2. Bob Duncan, Ravi, Bob McClay

        4. Chris M – Can we put that on the website?

          1. Chris W – Yes

            1. PHAUS Vt email list – Chris W and Chris M

            2. Bob was in contact with other who have exposure to PH but don’t have the test under their belt

            3. Ravi and Chris M and Chris W

          2. Bob- Pack the exam

          3. PH Canada has a Refresher Course you can take online

            1. Andrew Peel

            2. With exam

          4. Possibly doing some Therm

  3. NAPHN/ PHAUS conflict – also PHI/ PHIUS confusion (5:25 – 5:45)

    1. David Benjamin proposed organizing a couple of meetings over the next few mos. with the goal of bringing together the PHIUS & PHI folks to present a discussion of the commonalities of the two systems, and then the differences, with the hope that client confusion can be alleviated & buy-in can be achieved. He hoped that this collaboration would lead to a formalized confabulation of which a video could be made & then posted on YouTube to be shared with potential clients, policy makers, political officials, etc.

    2. of our current status with PHAUS and NAPHN. Was NAPHN $ refunded to our account and we are in good standing with PHAUS now?

    3. BoB

      1. Is it possible to start a Non Profit to build an Agnostic organization that could work with PHIUS and PHI

      2. Better would happily support financially and/or

      3. What would we do?

        1. Greg

          1. From his thoughts all PHAUS Vt ppl would be able to be Agnostic

          2. We are feeling constrained by the agreements we signed

            1. Getting a portion of $ from PHAUS

          3. PHIUS is not trying to hold us back from working with PHI

            1. Currently we can’t do anything

        2. Paul

          1. We don’t’ have any problems with supporting PHIUS

          2. We are making more of it

        3. Chris

          1. It would take some work but would probably be worth it

          2. We are a small organization but have enough ppl to get the four or five ppl needed to do the work of an independent organization

        4. Chris M

          1. Does Pittsburgh have documents we could use

            1. Chris W is concerned about different state rules

        5. Chris W

          1. Would need to

            1. Warn Meeting

            2. Paul says have new docs ready to vote on

            3. Have meeting

            4. Vote to make new organization

        6. Jean

          1. So many groups out there

            1. Maybe we can consolidate it?

            2. VGBN

            3. Different in Philosophy?

        7. Karen

          1. Other groups are naturally moving towards consolidation?

        8. We all want to keep the PH central

          1. Living Building Challenge – Brian Just

            1. Higher than PH

            2. Rob – it is LEED to the umpteenth

        9. Paul was at Yestermorrow

          1. Duxsbury

            1. Had worked with Thorston Chlupp and found that it was too much tinkering

              1. Eff Vt proscriptive is easy

        10. ***Greg to speak with contact about 501©3 corporation setup (with Enrique)

        11. Rob

          1. Can we negotiate with PHIUS to ask if joining as a member of the New Vt PH Org would also be a paid member of PHAUS???

            1. ***Rob will talk with Katrin Klingenburg about this


  4. Committee/ sub-committee reports (5:45 – 6:00)

    1. Public Outreach Committee:

      1. Greg has idea of adding ppl’s/companies logos on bottom of website

        1. Greg has taken the Summer off – too much family

          1. Greg did make Draft Letter for Potential Sponsors for links on the website

            1. Greg will distribute this letter to members of the board

        2. Many ppl have signature at end of their email

          1. Put link at the bottom of our members emails

            1. Would drive traffic to the sight

            2. What do we all think of this?

            3. Chris W best to wait until new organization to get new sponsorships

        3. Chris M

          1. Greg had idea

            1. Paid members could be asked to put the PHAUS VT (or replacement organization) website link

    2. Paul

      1. Outreach Committee

        1. Did work on the Pamphlet

          1. Looking to do an article in Green Living

      2. Barb

        1. Sent inquiry to High Meadows for $ to support our activities

      3. Next Month

        1. Should be providing a Speaker for the next PHAUS Vt Meeting

        2. October?

        3. Chris M. Tech Committee’s turn to do one

      4. Rob to ask if Ravi’s presentation could be the PH Presentation that month?

          1. Champion Projects

            1. Finding sites has been problematic

            2. Ravi’s Idea

              1. Have 3 or 4 PH projects in the Burlington City Limits

                1. Hits Climate Action Goals

                2. Reuse of locations?

            3. CEDO from Housing Stock is also interested

          2. Rob has been speaking to the City Market on Flynn Ave

  5. Conclusions from the last meeting and moving forward:

    1. Grants/ funding ideas

    2. Create presentation schedule for coming year – memberships meetings will be held separately from this.

    3. 1st presentation in October – Outreach Committee to plan

      1. Chris West Therm?

      2. Brian Just – Living Building Challenge

      3. Paul’s friend Norm Mitkin (sp?)

      4. PHIUS webinars?

    4. Create events schedule for coming year – shows, fairs, conferences where we present, etc.

      1. REV conference

      2. Volunteers to give presentations?


      1. Karen

        1. Idea she heard is that we are tabling the Symposium until there are other orgs we can work with

        2. Can we brainstorm Conferences which we could present at or a table at it

          1. Well in advance

          2. Outreach Committee can work off line to get a list of Conferences that are coming up and we can try to get in front of

            1. Paul: Megan knows lots of these

            2. Karen could come up with a list

        3. List of what we might want to say at/to various groups

  6. Next general membership meeting: Thurs, 9/10/15, 9 am at VEIC – or move because of PHIUS Conference?

    1. Could also be 9/17

  7. Sign PHAUS Chapter Agreement – BoD and EB

    1. Karen sent to Megan; waiting for signature. Indigo needs to sign also.