Agenda & Minutes


General Membership Meeting

August 18, 2016, 4:30 – 6:00 pm, VEIC


Attendees: Enrique, Chris M, Barb, Greg, Marc, David, Karen, Paul, Chris W

Board meeting update: meeting notes in blue; action items in red

  1. Reports

    1. Executive Board

      1. Website group met last Friday

        1. Claire working on website – waiting for her to get sample up, using Word Press, will be new address – need Rob to sign over

      2. Logo: one option – 2 sizes

        1. Look at different fonts, grays may be too light

        2. David: looks cut off on ends, ‘Vermont’ positioning could be better

        3. Karen: rectangular version graphic is long – right side repeated. Like graphic of square version better.

        4. Paul: no more discussion, due diligence has been done

          1. Paul moves to accept this as the logo. Changes can be made later. Motion did not pass.

          2. Chris W: Motion: Comments go back to committee and we’ll have one more round. Motion passed.

        5. Karen to get notes to Claire

        6. Claire to work on revision

  2. Finances

    1. Status of bank account, next steps

      1. Bank account: Chris West signed to open, have baseline account, $100 to set up, Rob treasurer, online access is given to Chris M and Rob, Rob should give quarterly reports of account status (income and expenses and total)

    2. Sponsor contributions

      1. NAPHN conference – some are ready to cut checks,

        1. Wanted to see website first, logo

        2. Figure out tiers of sponsorship.

          1. Tiers names: bronze, silver, gold. Yearly renewal, one time

          2. Where on website to put sponsors

          3. What do we have to offer, what does it cost us, where do we end up

        3. What do they get for sponsorship

        4. Table – put sponsors materials on table

      2. Need committee to work this stuff out and present proposal

        1. Chris M, Chris W, Rob – will meet to discuss sponsor tiers – anyone else who wants to can join

          1. Contact vendors to ask what they want/ expect

          2. Contact other PH groups to see how they do it

          3. Marc offered to help with website design for sponsor logo display – give sponsors a place on website that is useful to them.

            1. Plug AIA on website – we have associate membership – how much? Chris remembers $500

      3. Still a month or so away from having official letter to send potential sponsors

        1. Rob and Chris – will propose tiers of sponsorship

        2. Paypal payment option, we send invoice after

  3. Web site

    1. Report from Friday’s meeting, next steps

      1. See above for notes

  4. Logo

    1. Status

      1. See above for notes

  5. Presentations

    1. Review proposed schedule

      1. Jacob could talk about monitoring, strawbale, panelized, other systems

      2. Chris M – Ludlow project

      3. Assign a presentation to someone

      4. WUFI training could be around BBD – 4 – 6 hours, WUFI passive ok from PHIUS, maybe charge fee.

      5. Chris M will contact Minotaur – Sep or Oct

      6. Contact Jacob – Greg

      7. Enerphit – December/Jan –Enrique and Paul

      8. When advertising presentations, get info out to AIA, HBRA, etc.

  6. Need new committee assignments

    1. Chris thinks board should start these

  7. Mail Chimp

    1. Graphics

    2. Outreach to advertise and send to AIA, SEON, HBRA, BSR, VGBN, VBSR, etc. – should do this in person – phone call, direct email (not Mail Chimp)

    3. David volunteered to do the outreach calls – all events

    4. Barb will get list or protocol for how to outreach for a particular event

      1. Radio option. Local cable channel – will film an event for free

  8. Technical Trainings

    1. Andrew Peel break-out training at BBD?

      1. Not in 2017, Chris doing WUFI, Peel getting negative rep in VT

      2. FLIXO energy – Therm replacement

    2. Others?

  9. Upcoming Events

    1. Northern VT Building Group Meeting,

      1. 8/18 , 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Dore & Whittier, 212 Battery St, Burlington

    2. PHIUS Conference – September 21 - 25 in Philadelphia

    3. REV Conference – October 13 – 14, 2016 in Burlington

    4. Better Buildings by Design – February 2017

    5. NESEA Building Energy – March 2017 in Boston

    6. Other events?

  10. Next meeting: Thurs, 9/15/16, 4:30 - 6 pm at VEIC – Confirmed

    1. AIA 2030 course screening will be held this evening as well, but shouldn’t conflict. Starts around 6 pm.


General Membership Meeting


August 18, 2016, 4:30 – 6:00 pm, VEIC

  1. Reports

    1. Executive Board

    2. Board of Directors

  2. Finances

    1. Status of bank account, next steps

    2. Sponsor contributions

  3. Web site

    1. Report from Friday’s meeting, next steps

  4. Logo

    1. Status

    2. Review options and final comments, approval

  5. Presentations

    1. Review proposed schedule

  6. Technical Trainings

    1. Andrew Peel break-out training at BBD?

    2. Others?

  7. Upcoming Events

    1. Northern VT Building Group Meeting,

      1. 8/18 , 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Dore & Whittier, 212 Battery St, Burlington

    2. PHIUS Conference – September 21 - 25 in Philadelphia

    3. REV Conference – October 13 – 14, 2016 in Burlington

    4. Better Buildings by Design – February 2017

    5. NESEA Building Energy – March 2017 in Boston

    6. Other events?

  8. Next meeting: Thurs, 9/15/16, 4:30 - 6 pm at VEIC - Confirm


Board of Directors Meeting

7/27/2016 9:30 am, Phone call/ GoToMeeting

Attendees: Rob, Claire, David, Karen, Chris M, Chris W, Marc, Enrique

Note taker: Karen

Notes of what was discussed:

  1. Set August meeting for Aug 18th @ VEIC - 3:30 pm start time

    1. Chris M. to create Agenda for meeting

    2. No presentation this meeting

  2. Elect/ appoint Directors

    1. President: Chris Miksic

    2. Vice President: Chis West

    3. Secretary: Karen Bushey

    4. Treasurer: Rob Conboy

      1. Motion: Chris M.; 2nd: Enrique; all in favor

  3. Motion to accept David Pill’s offer to join Board of Directors

      1. Motion: Chris M., 2nd: Enrique; all in favor

    1. Claire withdraws her name from BoD for now

  4. Board member to consider which committees to head-up or help support

    1. Break up the work

    2. Revisit this at next meeting

  5. Web site committee – work on rebranding/ set up new website

    1. Meeting tentatively set for Friday, August 12th afternoon at Rob’s office in Burlington (110 Main St)

      1. Chris M. has list of folks that want to be involved (Greg, Claire, Rob, Marc, Chris W …)

      2. Agenda to include logo and website development, Mail Chimp, etc.

      3. Word press format recommended for website

        1. Allows shared responsibility for updates/ content

  6. Open Bank Account - CM and RC working on this

    1. Rob recommends Merchants Bank

      1. None opposed

      2. $5 per month fee. Limited # of transactions, should be enough

    2. Rob will set up – RC and CM can do this after website meeting on 8/12

  7. Graphics /logo

    1. Discussed images:

    2. Comments: positive – mountains, watercolor line, trees. Limit single family references. Coordinate fonts. VT mountain silhouette.

    3. Claire will work on 3 options to send via email on 8/9

      1. Discuss options at meeting on 8/12

  8. Once Logo/graphics and website set-up and working Fundraising email will go out CM and RC working on this with G&B editing ( master editors)

  9. Presentation schedule


    1. Karen will head-up creation of presentation schedule with help from David and Enrique (and others?) and create list of possible contributors.

    2. Combine technical and informational presentations

    3. 1 presentation per quarter. With other sessions fit in as desired.

    4. Don’t cut into meeting time. Present: 3 – 4 pm. Meeting: 4 – 5:30 pm

    5. Ideas:

      1. Chris W and Gregor Masefield on 2 PH houses

      2. Retrofit / Enerphit projects: Enrique, Rob, Chris W (potentially several presentations here)

      3. Chris W. – WUFI passive course. Training – at a different time than typical presentations

      4. Minitar ERV from Quebec

      5. Jacob Deva Racusin

      6. Multifamily – Milton senior project

  1. Communication

    1. Mailchimp update with new BoD and ED – Chris M. will send out

    2. Minutes – Karen to put them on dropbox in ‘minutes’ folder.

      1. Rob recommends to put a summary of what was discussed at meeting for public view on website – not entire minutes. (need to give this responsibility to someone when new website set up)


General Membership Meeting

March 17, 2016, VEIC


4:00 – 6:00 pm, March 17, 2016, VEIC


  1. Reports (4:00 – 4:15)

    1. Executive Board – Chris W.

    2. Board of Directors – no meeting held/no report

    3. Treasurer - Megan

    4. Outreach Committee – no meeting held/no report

Marketing – no meeting held/no report

      1. Website - Greg

    1. Technical Committee - no meeting held/no report

  1. Next meeting: Thurs, 4/21/16, 4 pm at VEIC (4:15– 4:25)

    1. Schedule next presentation – Spring?

      1. Lead responsibility?

  1. VT Comprehensive Energy Plan.  (4:25-4:55)


    2. States the ambitious goal of 100% Net Zero Buildings by 2030. 

      1. Page 108 defined as:

        1. For both definitions, it is important to ensure that the maximum efficiency is achieved first, to avoid the installation of oversized renewable energy systems (whether on or offsite) to compensate for unnecessary energy usage.”

        2. Read: maximum efficiency = Passive Building.  I

      2. Page 105 - whole-building approach/ systems thinking

    3. Challenge is that most people are not reading this/we need to incorporate into our PH outreach

      1. Strategies?

      2. Outreach committee?

    4. Invite Annette Smith to an upcoming meeting? Do a presentation?


  1. Nonprofit formation (4:55– 5:25)

    1. Report out, were are we with process – Chris W. / Rob C.

    2. Affiliations/ benefits

      1. PHAUS, iPHA

    3. Funding sources/ challenges

      1. Sponsors, Symposium, Donations

      2. PayPal Button Website

  2. Recent Events (5:25– 5:35)

    1. BBD report out

    2. NESEA report out

  3. Upcoming Events (5:35– 5:45)

    1. Offer from:

      1. Bart Bales of Bales Energy Associates in Greenfield, MA  

      2. Topic: “High-Performance, Energy-Efficient ‘Green’ Heating Systems” and “Cold-Climate Heat Pumps, Pellet Boilers and Other Renewable Thermal Heating Systems”.

      3. Interested?

      4. When?

      5. Where?

      6. Lead responsibility?

    2. Northern VT Building Group Meeting,

      1. 3/17 , 6:30 – 8:30 pm

      2. Dore & Whittier, 212 Battery St, Burlington

      3. Topic: DP Cell cathedral ceilings retrofit weatherization vs new Const.

    3. VGBN Gala

      1. Thursday, 3/31 from 6 – 8:30 pm

      2. Main St. Landing in Burlington.

      3. ChrisM. and Greg W. are planning on attending

    4. LEEP Fair Waterbury Leap Energy  Fair  

      1. April 9th 9-3pm 

      2. Crossett Brook Middle School Gym ,Waterbury

      3. Chris M has Pd for PHAVT table and will be attending

    5. ACX

      1. Friday, May 13th 2016

      2. Location: CCM at Champlain College

      3. Need staffing for booth

    6. HBRA-NVT Home and Garden Show

      1. April 16th & 17th, 2016

      2. Champlain Valley Exposition

    7. NAPHN

      1. June 13-14

      2. NYC

    8. PHIUS

      1. Sept 21-25

      2. Philadelphia, PA

    9. Others?

  4. New Business (5:45– 6:00)


Attendees: Chris M., Greg, Barb, Brian, Karen, Enrique, Paul, Chris W.

On phone: Alan Benoit (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), Megan, Travis Toole

Note taker: Karen

Minutes (Action items highlighted)

  • Executive Board (EB) met 2x already since last member meeting

  • Megan researched paypal

    • 3% per transaction +/-

    • There are NP discounts

    • 2.2% fee + 30 cents per transaction (up to certain amount)

    • Option to do a micro-transaction option. If we get lots of very small payments

    • Megan and EB recommends we go with standard 501c3 setup and go ahead with this

    • Greg thinks paypal is expensive - Donators can send direct check instead

    • Plan is to set this up as soon as possible – file with state and crate bank account first

  • Treasurer’s report, Megan

    • Paid Home and Garden booth

    • ACX booth will be $400, split with Better

    • AIA affiliate membership check was lost, Megan sending another

    • $292.00 balance

      • Does Karen want to be reimbursed for Adam Cohen event food? If so, send reimbursement request.

    • Need to generate operating funds for transition purposes

  • Outreach committee has not met, but did work

    • Barb: created the 2nd revision of the brochure

    • Ad placed in Green Energy Times

  • Website

    • Send info to be posted to Greg

  • Tech Committee

    • Has not met

    • Bart Bales workshop opportunity

      • Karen will look into and send info to Greg to help research

    • Enrique would be interested in WUFI training

  • Next meeting – 4/21 at 4 pm

    • Ideas for presentations

    • Lisa Calibrese (?), biophilic design – idea for presenter (Yestermorrow, UVM)

      • Enrique will research

  • Greg suggests we use Google Groups instead of email exchange

    • All in support of trying it out to see if it works well and reduces email

    • Greg will set up

    • Discuss ideas for presentations on GG

  • Comprehensive Energy Plan

    • Aware of Thermal Efficiency Task Force work – meetings, presentations, feedback, etc

    • Enrique has tried to contact legislature with no response except that they are concentrating on SITE energy (bill S 230) (205 is about protecting land)

      • NO movement yet

    • Reach out for help to others:

      • Paul can invite senator from Caledonia to one of our meetings

      • Idea to invite Annette Smith to one of our meetings or take her to lunch – Paul will reach out

        • Megan thinks it would be helpful to hear from her simply about what she thinks and her viewpoint. Listen to others struggles and take it from there. Simply bring the conversation to the table.

      • Kate Stevenson (former Yestermorrow) is another one who could help us write a bill

      • Greg will start a Google Group for this subject

  • Nonprofit creation/ organization

    • Structure of group – communication between committees. Typically one person to spread communication between committees

    • Not much difference in organization from before, but just means we are responsible for more because we do not want to operate under PHAUS

    • It’s a good opportunity for us

  • Upcoming events

    • See list in Agenda

    • VGBN gala – great organization, good event. We can learn from them - nonprofit

    • LEAP fair – potential to do a break out session on PH

    • HBRA – Enrique will give a presentation,

      • ZEN will have a booth (BPPA program)

    • Think about how to get people to sign up to staff booths – Google docs, Doodle, etc Chris M, Greg?

  • Nonprofit formation – Chris West

    • State - Cost to incorporate - $25 for state and articles of incorporation – need to do this first

    • Federal - $400 – 850 range filing fee, $850 more likely due to proposed income, 1 time fee

    • 501c3 because 90% of what we do is educational

      • No lobbying

    • Federal 990 filing is free, doesn’t include accountant, analysis of books, etc. may need to hire accountant

    • Can have salaried employees, but board can’t earn money

    • After state filing, need to file federally within 27 months – not an official 501c3 until we file federally

    • Takes IRS 2 – 12 months to make a determination

    • Can accept donations as soon as we open our doors

    • Need a physical address on file, also can have a PO box for mailing

    • Registered agent is someone who will get all legal documents from state

    • Reviewed articles of incorporation – standard document

      • Initial directors and incorporators can be the same people

      • We will be a membership organization – members will vote

      • Look up name (Vermont Passive House), 3 – 6 names, registered agent, address

        • Chris M. will offer address and registered agent status

        • Initial directors: Enrique, Greg, Indigo

        • Chris M, Chris W, Karen – incorporators?

      • Table discussion - Complete this document by EB, sign and file

        • Then open bank account

    • Not completely dissolve PHAUS until we get our money

    • By-laws – bones is from VGBN with our changes

      • Name: Alliance vs. no

      • VTPH, Vermont Passive House Inc.

      • Official docs are supposed to have INC on it.

      • Right to not accept a member

      • Complete application

      • Dues required (established by BoD)

      • Members elect BOD

      • Reviewed by-laws – file with state of Vermont

        • How do we get comments back about by-laws – Greg

          • ALL - Review and send to Chris W.

        • Decisions by writing vs. spoken,

          • Greg: should be in writing

        • Motions (read back wording of motion), 1st, 2nd, vote, recording in minutes, minutes accepted at beginning of next meeting

        • Members elect BoD (3 – 11 people), BoD selects EB

        • BoD devolves power to the EB

        • Nothing that says EB can’t also be BoD

      • Greg: takes exception to what we charge for membership/ required dues

    • ALL – review draft bylaws and incorporation documents and get comments back to Chris West via email by April 4, 2016.

Meeting adjorned 6:30 pm


No Meeting in February


General Meeting

January 21, 2016, VEIC

Presentation on the Living Building Challenge by Brian Just, 3:30 pm

General Membership Meeting, 4:15 – 6:00 pm

Meeting focus: Nonprofit formation and vote




Attendees: Enrique Bueno, Harry Seidel, Chris West, Greg Whitchurch, David Pill, Harry Hunt, Chris Miksic, Rob Conboy, Claire Gear, Paul Sipple, Jeff Gephart, Karen Bushey, Phil Sweet. Online: Megan Nedzinski, Jacob Deva Racusin, Linda Lepporoli

  1. Upcoming Events (4:15 – 4:30)

    1. Northern VT Building Group Meeting, 1/21, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Dore & Whittier, 212 Battery St, Burlington

    2. BBD 2016, February 3 – 4 @ Sheraton Conference Center

      1. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to sign up to staff booth

    3. Adam Cohen presentation around BBD – 2/3 or 4 – to be confirmed.

      1. Post sign at BBD to advertise

      2. Try to get Arts Riot space, confirm Adam Wed. night

    4. PH trades training, February 8 – 12 @ BED


    5. NESEA Building Energy Conference, March 8 – 10 in Boston

      1. Share booth with phME or other PH group?

      2. Megan will attend, Chris W. will attend

    6. ACX Conference, 5/13/16 in Burlington

      1. Get booth? Claire will look into.

      2. Can we fit half room or ReSource walls in the space? 475 walls?

    7. NPPHN16, June 13 – 14 in NYC

      1. Rob is going and can bring brochures to put out at Better booth

    8. Others?

      1. HBRA Home and Garden show, April 16-17 at Expo

      2. Half room will be there again. vtPH table


  1. Reports (4:30 – 4:45)

    1. Executive Board – Chris M.

      1. Several recent meetings. Access to membership list. Finances- access to account.

      2. Chris M. is making list of events that we attended last year.

    2. Board of Directors – Enrique

      1. Looking at posting minutes to website for all to see

      2. Would like PHAUS to synergize with Better

      3. Work with Jeff G. to find out what was most successful at Green Real Estate Symposium

      4. Discussed future vtPH symposium

    3. Treasurer – Megan

      1. $1890 in account – outstanding checks/ bills = $1188 balance

      2. Working through issue with National – no deposit into our account for 2015

        1. 2014 was last deposit of $1600

        2. Mike Knezovich left; new PHAUS director

    4. Outreach Committee – Paul

      1. Lost momentum due to no Symposium

      2. Working on brochure – Claire is updating

        1. Megan: idea of partnering with different organization each year to work on a specific project.

        2. Rob is meeting with SEON at BBD; join outreach efforts


  1. Nonprofit formation (4:45 – 6:00)

    1. Introduction – Chris West

      1. History with PHAUS

        1. Quick start in 2011; inadvertently chose a side

      2. Why separate – pros and cons

        1. Difficult to access money and records right now, but as NP business side will be more work (accounting, etc)

        2. Parallel PH support with Better

        3. Unable to join NAPHN now; but as NP can still support PHIUS, PHI, etc

      3. Forming a nonprofit

        1. Distinctions between 501(c) types are slight, but important

          1. 501c3 not membership organization, but donations are tax-deductible

          2. 501c4 is trade organization with members; not tax deductible (NYPH)

            1. Business take donations as a business expense anyway

          3. 501c6 allows lobbying

        2. Barb: idea to ask potential donors what type of NP they would prefer to donate to (tax deductible or not). May affect grants.

          1. Foundations can only give to NP of a certain type

            1. High Meadows – ask Gina


    1. New organization/ structure

      1. Membership vs. Subscribership

        1. Members pay dues, have voting rights

        2. Subscribers just sign up, could ask for donation to join

      2. Affiliations/ benefits will change with PHAUS, NAPHN

        1. Still to be determined

      3. Funding challenges – finding sources

        1. Sponsors, Symposium/ Events, Donations

      4. Jeff: R.E. symposium had issues with fundraising. Found that being a nonprofit helps.

      5. Harry: AIA VT has similar set-up. Find out how they did it. Can lobby – spend up to a certain $ before it’s an issue.

      6. Brian: lots of questions. Good to finish research on 501 first.

      7. Define membership, but don’t list members

    2. Town Meeting discussion and vote

      1. Motion and second for Executive Committee to investigate and come up with the best option for nonprofit formation and move forward with starting new organization and closing out PHAUS chapter.

        1. Majority in favor - except Brian and Greg.

        2. We will investigate options and present them via MailChimp to get feedback and final approval.


  1. Schedule next meeting: Thurs, 2/18/16, 4 pm at VEIC proposed

    1. Didn’t talk about this – may want to push this back until more resolution about NP

    2. EB/ BoD meeting proposed at BBD

Proposed Mission Statement:

Vermont Passive House (vtPH) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the Passive House Building Energy Standard in Vermont. Through public outreach, education, advocacy, and trainings, vtPH provides opportunities for practitioners, industry professionals, policy makers and the general public to collaborate and participate in a shared mission, ensuring the success and vitality of Passive House Building Energy Standards.



PHAUS VT General Meeting

November 19, 2015, 4:30 – 6:15 pm @ VEIC



PHAUS VT General Meeting

October 15, 2015, 4:30 – 6 pm @ VEIC


Meeting focus, raise $$,, Increase Membership $$ and sponsorship $$-- Outreach committee direction and support

  1. Introductions and greeting

  1. Events / Trainings

2.1 Report out on recent events

    1. Northern VT Building Group Meeting, was 9/17, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Dore & Whittier Architects, 212 Battery Street, next gathering Tonight Oct 15, same place and bat channel, Boost attendance ?

    2. Middlesex Energy Team creation, was 9/23 at 6:30 Middlesex town hall

      1. Can someone represent us? Did any one go ??

    3. Screening of PH Revolution movie in Burlington at Arts Riot, was 9/29

    4. VHCB Conference was October 6

    5. REV Conference was October 8 - 9

    6. NAPHN Conference, was October 1-2 in Vancouver, did any one go ?

    7. Report out on PHIUS conference


2.2 Upcoming Events and trainings

a. BBD16 are we all set ??, registered for a table ?

b. BED PH Consultant training in November 3-6, 17-20

c.. Andrew Peel training at BBD in February – subject TBD

d. Other events coming up? Send to Greg to post on website

e. Vermont Realtors 1005 Green Real Estate Symposium October 29th Lake Morey Resort. VT . PHAVT has reserved table $250 ,, Chris M . is going, allowed one person with table, others will be charged $100 includes lunch,

at the door,

  1. Committee/ sub-committee reports

a. Outreach, report out and present below items


- 1.New Trifold Do we have 5 new assembly picks picked out for the new trifold printing. If yes present here for review?


- 2. Discussion of sponsors and how to approach them about supporting us in an ongoing way, in exchange for free ad space on our website, mention in our brochure, opportunity to have their business cards and other info at our tables, mentions of collaborations with them as live links to their websites in any online articles, and any other great ideas you may have.


-3.  Advice for the Outreach Committee:  Many heads are better than four, and we would like to hear your ideas and advice for how we can improve both our immediate outreach and our strategy for longer-term outreach. Social media is a field that not all of us are savvy about.  For example, should we be using Instagram to post pics of new construction in order to direct traffic to our website?


-4.  Integration of the Building Discussion Group , NVBSG (or whatever it's called) topics of interest into the website: From informal discussion, mostly on the car ride home, I'm hearing about a lot of interesting questions/issues that are being raised.  Should we have a website area where these questions are posted, and invite responses? Could this be a way of generating more participation in the discussion group? Or via versa generate PHAVT memberships ? How do we boost PHAVT memberships ?


-5. Report out on Ravi’s Media strategy , what ways did he and others publicize the PH event at Arts Riot


  1. Non-profit/ organization/ NP Status Change over

    1. Finances

      1. Arrangements have been made to get NAPHN refund Letter and NAPHN $ refunded to our account. Has the $100 returned share $$/ck been received and deposited?

      2. Chris W and Karen spoke to Mike Knezovich at PHIUS conference – waiting for confirmation on finances. Has our PHIUS cking account been re-opened?

      3. How much $$ in the PHAVT are ours to spend

    2. Report out Non-profit creation

      1. Cost ??

      2. Procedure ??

    3. Membership Vote 2016 .

    4. It was decided at September Gen Membership meeting to go ahead and renew our contract with PHAUS national. Here by ,buying us time to organize the NP change over

    5. How will work on this NP change over idea, see Minutes from 8-20-15


  1. Future meetings

    1. Schedule - mornings or evenings? Schedule November meeting

    2. 1.5 hours or 2 hours?

    3. Presentations, we have had some offers for presentations, Report out on presentation offers.


August 20, 2015, 5 – 6:30 pm @ VEIC


  1. Introductions and greeting (5:00 – 5:10)

  1. Events (5:10 – 5:25)

    1. Past - Public Service Board's 2015 Comprehensive Energy Plan stakeholders meetings, 6/24 and 6/30 in Montpelier

    2. Future - Northern VT Building Group Meeting, 8/20, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Dore & Whittier Architects, 212 Battery Street

      1. Future locations – Montpelier, Waitsfield?

    3. Future - Passive House Institute US National Conference in Chicago, 9/11-12

      1. How to support our chapter?

    4. Future - Screening of a Passive House movie in Burlington at Library or Arts Riot

      1. Date and title tbd

    5. REV Conference in October

    6. NAPH Conference in October

    7. Other events coming up?

  1. NAPHN/ PHAUS conflict – also PHI/ PHIUS confusion (5:25 – 5:45)

    1. David Benjamin proposed organizing a couple of meetings over the next few mos. with the goal of bringing together the PHIUS & PHI folks to present a discussion of the commonalities of the two systems, and then the differences, with the hope that client confusion can be alleviated & buy-in can be achieved.  He hoped that this collaboration would lead to a formalized confabulation of which a video could be made & then posted on YouTube to be shared with potential clients, policy makers, political officials, etc.

    2. Update of our current status with PHAUS and NAPHN. Was NAPHN $ refunded to our account and we are in good standing with PHAUS now?

  1. Committee/ sub-committee reports (5:45 – 6:00)

  2. Conclusions from the last meeting and moving forward:

    1. Grants/ funding ideas

    2. Create presentation schedule for coming year – memberships meetings will be held separately from this.

    3. 1st presentation in October – Outreach Committee to plan

      1. Chris West Therm?

      2. Brian Just – Living Building Challenge

      3. Paul’s friend Norm Mitkin (sp?)

      4. PHIUS webinars?

    4. Create events schedule for coming year – shows, fairs, conferences where we present, etc.

      1. REV conference

      2. Volunteers to give presentations?

  1. Next general membership meeting: Thurs, 9/10/15, 9 am at VEIC – or move because of PHIUS Conference?

    1. Could also be 9/17

  2. Sign PHAUS Chapter Agreement – BoD and EB

    1. Karen sent to Megan; waiting for signature. Indigo needs to sign also.


June 11, 2015, 9 – 11:00 am



  1. Introductions and greeting (9:00 – 9:15)

    1. Past event reports

      1. Craftsbury event, 5/20

      2. Montpelier library

      3. Strolling of the Heifers, 6/6

      4. PH International Conference


  1. Upcoming Events (9:15 – 9:20)

    1. Northern VT Building Group Meeting, 6/18, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Better

      1. Confirm time and location

    2. Public Service Board's 2015 Comprehensive Energy Plan stakeholders meetings, 6/24 and 6/30 in Montpelier (four half-day workshops)


  1. NAPHN/ PHIUS association implications and conflict (9:20 – 9:30)

    1. Recap of conversation with Mike Knezovich – Karen/ Enrique

    2. Lawyer offered help

    3. Next steps


  1. Update on Burlington initiatives – Ravi (9:30 – 9:40)


  1. Update on Rumney School in Middlesex – Greg and Barb (9:40 – 9:50)


  1. Marketing materials – Claire and Barb (9:50 – 10:10)

    1. Trifold design – review

    2. Business card design – review


  1. 2016 Symposium/ PH Conference discussion (10:10 – 10:50)

    1. Look at calendar, other organization’s events


  1. Future presentations:

    1. 9/10/2015 (May want to reschedule, this is during PHIUS national conference) – Outreach Committee to organize.

    2. 11/12/2015 – Website Committee to organize.


  1. Next meeting: Thurs, 8/13/15, 9 am at VEIC (NO JULY MEETING)


  1. Sign PHAUS Chapter Agreement – BoD and EB

    1. Karen sent to Megan; waiting for signature. Indigo needs to sign also.